Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

“Sometimes the brain needs a kick start… Unusual spaces force [the] brain to process inputs in novel ways, sprouting new connections and making synapses where none existed before.”   – Gregory Burns, Iconoclast (Harvard Business Press, 2008)

Our professional development programs are experiential and learner-centered. Trained facilitators create a safe environment for probing dialogue around difficult issues rarely discussed in the workplace. Our programs challenge participants to question their own assumptions, raise self-awareness, and present fresh perspectives to redefine personal responsibility and taking action.

Innovative Methodologies
In our professional development programs, you will:

  • Experience the Mobile Museum of Tolerance as a workshop in human behavior
  • Witness personal testimonies
  • Engage in facilitated discussions around issues that matter to you
  • Participate in customized workshops conducted by expert facilitators and trainers
  • Receive curricular materials developed by the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s research department.

Offered in multiple formats, including half-day sessions and multiple-day leadership retreats, each program is tailored to meet participants’ needs and advance organizational goals.

Powerful Learning Environments
Our high-tech interactive exhibits on the Mobile Museum of Tolerance set us apart from the traditional consultant with a flip chart. The immersive learning environment of the MMOT is specially crafted to enhance and intensify learning experiences.

Providing a state-of-the-art museum experience in a compact format, the MMOT opens the door for professionals to explore crucial themes such as the power of words and images, the pursuit of social justice, and the relationship between diversity and democracy.