Mobile Museum of Tolerance Empowers Lincoln Jr. High Students in Skokie.

Written by Mobile Museum of Tolerance

The Mobile Museum of Tolerance (MMOT) recently visited Lincoln Jr. High in Skokie, Illinois, and had a fantastic experience with the students!

Fighting for Equality: A Civil Rights Workshop for 6th Graders

The 6th graders at Lincoln Jr. High participated in a captivating Civil Rights workshop, where they explored the power of individuals fighting for equality. This interactive session likely sparked important discussions about the ongoing struggle for equal rights and the inspiring heroes who have paved the way. What figures from the Civil Rights movement, past or present, inspire you the most?

Level Up! 7th & 8th Graders Tackle Online Hate

The 7th and 8th graders at Skokie School District 69 (@skokiesd69) took their learning to the next level with a Combat Hate workshop onboard the MMOT. This engaging session equipped them with the necessary skills to navigate the digital world responsibly and combat online hate.

The workshop aligns perfectly with the Illinois education media literacy mandate, ensuring students are prepared to critically analyze information and create positive online interactions.

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